LIFE Skills

Administrative Contact

Christine Perry
Principal, Molloy Education Center
(847) 966-8600

Program Description

The LIFE Skills program strives to enhance student independence and the ability of our students to access their community, develop functional academic and communication skills, and to be prepared for life after graduation from school.

The LIFE Skills Program (Learning Independence For Everyone) services students from kindergarten through high school and is located within the Molloy Education Center. Students serviced in the LIFE Skills program require instruction in self-care skills, communication skills, functional academic skills, community instruction, vocational and transition services.

Classrooms provide small group instruction with a highly individualized researched based curriculum. This curriculum is aligned with the curricula of member districts as well as the Illinois Learning Standards. All classroom activities are designed to enhance student independence and reflect current, best practices methodology. Curriculum is presented in a multi-modal and multi-environmental approach. Classroom activities are designed to be both age-appropriate and functional for students.

Team Approach

All IEP goals are developed in a collaborative model. A multidisciplinary team develops goals, instructional strategies, and accommodations that can be utilized across settings with special education classroom staff, parents and within the community.


NTDSE embraces the use of technology on a daily basis to enhance the curriculum and IEP goal instruction.

Community Integration

Students in the LIFE Skills program receive regular opportunities to participate within their community. Structured community activities occur on a weekly basis and provide an opportunity for students to generalize skills from the classroom to the community. Students are presented with opportunities to generalize skills in restaurants, stores, shopping centers and recreational/leisure experiences.

Transition Planning

NTDSE provides a variety of professional development to help families begin to plan for post-secondary life. Individualized transition planning begins at the IEP meeting when a child is 14. Staff in the LIFE Skills program work closely with community agencies and adult service providers to assist parents in planning for their students' future.

The following services are included as a part of your child’s program:

Per a child’s Individualized Educational Program (IEP), he or she may receive one or more of the following services:

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